Feb 7, 2013

Brookside Chocolates–YUM!

So…I received a gigantic box from Brookside Chocolates (a division of Hershey!) in the mail the other day

Don’t ya just love getting packages in the mail? 
It is one of my most favorite things! 

They make these amazing little bits of fruit wrapped in rich chocolate – serious YUM!

brookside chocolates with pomegranite @northerncottage.net


Apparently, they were inspired by my
pinterest pins!
{in particular my Storage/Organization Board
and Pretty Pantry Board!
c’mon over and check it out/follow here}

How cool is that??

brookside basket@northerncottage.net

Digging into that box, I uncovered some wonderful goodies among all those packing peanuts and bubble wrap…including a gift basket full of their yummy chocolate covered blueberry, pomegranate and raspberry bits along with some beautiful crate & barrel canisters and west elm vases – wow!

My family and I are now officially hooked on them.

brookside chocolates YUM@northerncottage.net


We like these chocolate bits straight out of the bag but they’re also awesome in cookies and I’ve even thrown some on my morning oatmeal – mmmmm!

They’re now available just about everywhere (I found them even at our local little grocery store recently & bought a bunch of them! Don’t want to run out!)

Go check ‘em out – you won’t be sorry!

Chat soon -

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  1. Chocolate for pinning - how cool is that!!!

  2. Those are sooo yummy! They sell them in gigantic containers @ Costco and I am a sucker for 'em! Delish! (:

  3. Too cool. We share these at our Women on Wednesdays group. Glad to see you getting some choco- love!