Jul 18, 2013

{a very pretty Porch Party}

{NorthernCOTTAGE} a pretty porch party

wanna join us for a pretty PORCH PARTY?? 
We have donuts and eclairsAnd lemonade, china, burlap, mason jars, vintage enamelware.  Look around and you’ll find lace, rustic wood, colorful banners – oh my!

You’ve probably heard of David Tutera who’s known for wedding/event planning.  He’s got a gorgeous new line of wedding and craft supplies: David Tutera Casual Elegance Collection with stuff we adore (I’m talking burlap, metal, chalkboard, lace, etc)    You can use these to create charming rustic, yet modern, effortlessly chic results (found exclusively at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.)  To create the overall sweet charming vibe for this porch party, I shopped around my cottage for fun, mostly vintage, items and also incorporated goodies from the David Tutera Casual Elegance line

The other day I showed you our sweet vintage layered hammockAfter a little afternoon nap in the warm summer breeze, one is bound to be famished, right?… Why not set up a fun little treat table on the front porch to enjoy with your lovies?

{NorthernCOTTAGE} breezy summer style

ahhhh…. ♥♥♥   

Can I get you some lemonade or sweet tea perhaps?  What’s better than drinking out of mismatched mason jars??…talk about casual but oh so fun!  Using cute striped straws adds instant charm!  A taller mason jar can also serve as a vase for wildflowers (wrapped in lace and burlap flowers)!  I ♥ this little potting table turned vintage beverage station!


Let’s jump over to our food Pastry Station {who needs actual food when you can have pastries??}


I put together a couple rustic ladders and put a painted board across the steps to form a little buffet. 

The banner in the front of the ladders was created using supplies like:

* twine
* lace
* burlap ribbon
* little wired flowers

So cute right?   Here’s how:  just take a length of jute twine (however long you want your finished banner to be), cut 8 to 10 strips of the lacey ribbon (about 6 inches or so each), tie them to the twine and then sew (or glue) on some doilies, burlap ribbon bits and twist on some burlap wired flowers.  So rustically elegant!!

Rustic Banner step by step

It matches the one I’ve strung across the front of the hammock in the garden!

{NorthernCOTTAGE} lace ribbon creations

Back at the pastry station…I made the cake stands using vintage pie tins and cake pans and glued them upside down on top of candlesticks ♥    They hold donuts with homemade icing and sprinkles galore and homemade eclairs – num num num!!


One of my fav elements from this décor line is the eyelet lace paper lanterns…ahhhh so cute!  Assemble the lantern frame, tie on some bakers twine to the bottom and then attach bits of twine to cute little farmers market baskets and they become…


{Mini Hot Air Balloons}!!

The table is set with a vintage sheet topped off with burlap and lace layers.  Each place setting has a pretty antique linen napkin wrapped with a butterfly napkin ring and a pretty little gift box (with extra little goodies tucked inside in case you don’t get enough sugar from the donuts!  ha!)


We also have wildflowers and peonies from our yard tucked in mason jar vases and stacked on top of layers of burlap and lace with burlap flowers added too.  And I used chalkboard stakes to mark ‘sip’ & ‘nibble’ signs to show the different stations on the porch


The backdrop has several banners and more layers of burlap and swags of ribbon strung up.

{NorthernCOTTAGE} ribbon chandie on the porch

We have the rustic ribbon chandie hanging over the table.  I’m smitten with that thing!!

These stinkin little grey tin buckets were used to hold extra sprinkles for the treats…sprinkle on baby!!


As you’ve seen, many of the items were crafted using elements from the David Tutera Casual Elegance line which many might think of more for wedding décor but you can use them for so.much.more

LIKE: a garden party, a little girls tea party, an afternoon luncheon with the girls. a romantic dinner with your honey, an ice cream social or maybe even just a picnic in the yard with the kiddos.  ♥♥♥

It’s the little things in decor that can make these everyday events even more special and even more pretty!

So run on out and grab some of these supplies to help make your next ‘everyday moment’ even more special!  I dare ya to tie on your thinking cap and think of using things in different, unintended ways. 

Because….Having all these things all collected together {along with adorable loved ones munching on yummy pretty donuts makes for one very pretty afternoon indeed!}

Check out more pretty from the David Tutera line here:


And check out some other very pretty creations with these goodies:


Happy Day to you my friends!!

Chat soon -

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{Disclosure: I received product/payment via The Blueprint Social for this post;
however, all opinions are always my own.}


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