Feb 21, 2013

{Canvas Jewelry Holder} with Mod Podge

hello there!!DIY canvas jewelry holder @NorthernCottage.net 

I’ve got a fun craft tutorial for you today using Mod Podge!!

The other day, I happened to have some crafty supplies on hand and some rare free time
(a wonderfully weird combination, right - whoo hooo)!!

my goal was to create something …
unique and fun and pretty and useful and not dorky
(ahhh so much pressure!!)

I’m kinda in love with what I ended up with…

bicycle jewelry canvas @NorthernCottage.net

Supplies:  canvas, image copy, mod podge photo transfer, sponge brush, hooks, and washi tape

Here’s how to make it: 

Grab an image you like (this may have been the hardest part –
choosing the image to use and how!)
   This darling bicycle print was from here.  Mod Podge makes it easy to personalize any project using your photos and graphics that have meaning to you!

Now take your image and make copies on a toner based copier (you may not have this at home – so you can head off to your local copy store like I did) and then trim the image to a crisp edge.

*Note – if you have words on your image, you’ll want to reverse/flip the image so it will be backwards for the copy – like this:

bicycle @NorthernCottage.net

Now… you get to make use of that lovely goop we call mod podge (my favorite kind of goop indeed!) I used a newer formula from Mod Podge called Photo Transfer Medium – very cool stuff!

@NorthernCottage.net 004 

Slather it on good (about 1/16”) to the front of the image (you don’t want to be able to see the image through the goop mod podge)

slather @NorthernCottage.net

Place it mod podge down on your surface (in this case a little square stretched canvas) and smooth it down

mod podge canvas @NorthernCottage.net

Now here is the REALLY HARD PART!!  You have to wait and let it dry for ….ahem….24 hours
You guys know, this is not in line with my usual {slam bam, immediate gratification} crafting methods.  But I was good and followed the directions (no peeking)!! Soooo worth it!

tick tock tick tock

Alrighty then….Now that you’ve waited your 24 hours, you lightly wet the image and you’ll begin to see your image shine through

wet canvas @NorthernCottage.net

Gently rub off the paper (there is some serious exfoliation going on here…which is weirdly satisfying!)

rub @NorthernCottage.net

craft exfoliation @NorthernCottage.net

and voila!!
you have a transferred image right to your surface

pretty bicycle canvas art @NorthernCottage.net 112

Go ahead and add embellishments you’d like…
(how cute is that little washi banner??? eeek!!)

and add some hooks to the bottom of the canvas to hold jewelry

jewelry hooks !@NorthernCottage.net

Pretty cool eh?

I made the jewelry using the Podgeable Shapes (so cool!) with scrapbook paper I had on hand and blinged them up with Mod Podge Extreme Glitter (fun!) I’m in lurrrvve!!!

Mod Podge Pendants@NorthernCottage.net


mod podge photo transfer tutorial @ NorthernCottage.net

* Practice on a piece to get a feel for it before you do it on your main project
* Use lots of mod podge to fully cover your image
* Be sure to get rid of air bubbles
* I found it easier to work with a firmer surface (like canvas or wood, etc) than on fabric or slippery glass/metal
* Be patient and wait the 24 hours to let it dry and set – it’s worth it!!
* Have FUN and be creative!!

Thanks for following along on this tutorial!!


Think about the possibilities with this stuff! You could use it on furniture (I’m thinking stools and tabletops), on decorative storage containers, on fabric (I have more projects using this stuff in the works!  C’mon back soon to see more projects here! )
Here’s a sneak peak:

sneak peak upcoming projects @NorthernCottage.net

If you happen to follow me on pinterest, you’ll see that I have a FEW crafty ideas that I want to run with
(mmmm – like several hundred- yikes!)

 now go Get busy and be awesome!! 

Chat soon -

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  1. That turned out great! Love the idea!

  2. this is so great - i love how it turned out! The image you chose is so fun.

  3. Hi can I use normal modge podge for this or does it have to be the transfer one? Thanks